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Under COVID 19 health and safety requirements, please can I kindly ask you to: 

  • Stay in your car until I collect you at your appointment time (please come alone).

  • Not wear gloves (to avoid cross-contamination), use the 70 % alcohol hand sanitiser I will pump into the palm of your hands (please leave your jewellery at home if you do not wish it to come in contact with the sanitiser).

  • Limit your personal belongings and as always please keep your phone on silent so as to enjoy your treatment in peace.

  • Please wear a mask before you come into the beauty building (I can provide you with one). 


If you or anyone you live with or have been in contact with feel unwell or display any of the COVID 19 symptoms please cancel your appointment. If you or anyone you are living with is self-isolating please do not book an appointment.  



As a caring professional I will:  

  • I will be wearing a new disposable face mask for each client.

  • Wear fresh, disposable gloves for each treatment(s) as treatment commences.

  • Ensure high standards of cleanliness and sanitisation will continue as always throughout the beauty room whilst carrying out your treatment and in between client's appointments.

I will warmly greet you but please, no hugging or handshakes.

I have completed a COVID 19 course certification which will be displayed in the beauty building.

Please do contact me with any concerns and I will be more than happy to answer any queries. There will be no extra charge for PPE.


I very much look forward to seeing you! 




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